5 things you should do to give your lawn a fighting chance.

Now that we are in the midst of summer, you are probably asking yourself “What can I do to my lawn?” There are several things that you can do to give your lawn a fighting chance to survive the heat, lack of rain and attacks from insects and disease.

  1. First, raise your cutting height to 3”, this helps provide some shading to the to the soil which in turn will keep the soil somewhat  cooler.
  2. Second, water correctlylawns need at least 1” of water per week, in the absence of rainfall, and always water in the morning to prevent development of fungus and to reduce evaporation, but note if your lawn begins to go dormant, don’t try to water it so that it comes back, the best thing to do then is to allow it to go dormant, it will come back in the fall.
  3. Third, don’t over fertilize, look at using organic fertilizers which don’t load the lawn up with nitrogen and provide a food source for the soil microbe colonies., two good options are 3-4-3 available in a 50 lb. bag or a 25 lb. bag and 5-4-5 also available on a 50 lb. bag or a 25 lb. bag 
  4. Fourth, you want to protect your yard against diseases and insects, a good option to control fungus is to apply Headway Granular Fungicide this will control dollar spot and brown patch the two most common fungi that attack lawns in this area. We offer a wide variety of lawn insecticides, in July you want to control surface feeders and ticks, three exceptional products for this are Bifenthrin, Talstar and Bugblaster.
  5. The last thing that you could do regarding your lawn is to take a soil sample, that way if you need to make any adjustments, you have ample time to get this done before the fall seeding season arrives just go to Think-Soil.com to order your soil test kit today.