HELP! I have stink bugs

Well, it’s early Fall and that means unwanted visits from the dreaded stink bug.

Some species of stink bug invade homes in the Fall when the weather starts to get cool. They cluster on the outside of homes for warmth. When they find holes or cracks, they move inside and find hiding places in attics, crawl spaces, and inside of walls.

The bugs stay hidden throughout Winter. When Spring comes, these bugs start to move around. They seek a way out, but they often appear inside the living areas of the home.

Homeowners can help prevent stink bug invasions by making a thorough inspection of the outside of their home. Doors, windows, attics, and crawl spaces should be checked for cracks and torn or missing screens. Weather stripping can help seal gaps under exterior doors.

The most effective method for controlling stink bugs is prevention. Once inside walls, they are extremely difficult to control. They do not feed or reproduce while indoors, but may reappear on a warm Winter day or in the Spring. Once a home experiences a stink bug invasion, they are likely to have a reoccurrence the next Fall.

While getting rid of stink bugs can be difficult, there are some natural methods of deterrence which can be employed before having to resort to chemicals. Keep your garden and surrounding areas clean and free of debris. Also, remove any nearby weeds, overgrowth, old boards, logs, etc, as they commonly use them for cover. Close off or seal any potential entryways. If stink bugs are a problem your home, there are steps you can take to prevent their entry. Make sure that all doors and windows are shut or covered with screens. Many people have found success with rubbing their window screens with dryer sheets too — the more aromatic, the better — to repel these pests. Since they’re attracted to light, pulling shades or blinds closed at night can help. Fill any cracks or openings with caulking. In addition, the use of insect repellent around entryways may help deter these pests. We have several products that can also be used against this nuisance. For exteriors, we suggest an insecticide called Bifenthrin which is available in a concentrate or a ready-to-spray hose end applicator. These two products are also very effective against ticks, which are still very prevalent in lawns. If you are looking for indoor/outdoor products that will control stink bugs, we have several options. First are the members of the pyrethroid family – an organic-based insecticide – we have Hi-yield Indoor/Outdoor concentrate and two types of ready-to-use aerosol products: Fertilome Indoor/Outdoor Insect spray and Safer Flying Insect Killer. Another organic-based product which helps control stink bugs is Neem Oil. This product is derived from the fruit and seeds of the neem tree. In closing, if stink bugs are driving you crazy, come pay us a visit. We’ll be glad to offer you assistance.