October Trees

From fruit to screens, fall is the perfect time to plant trees. This time of year trees are actively growing roots, rain is more frequent and the weather cools which in turn lessens the evaporation of water from the ground. Add to that the clearance sales at all the garden centers and it makes for a perfect storm of tree planting bliss.

Here is a list of ways trees can be used in the landscape and some examples of what to look for in the stores.

Containers – Small, slow-growing evergreens are great for your planters outside. Look for Hinoki Cypress, Boxwoods or Juniper. Once established, you can add season specific annuals to spruce them up.

Screens – Large, fast-growing evergreens are better for the purpose of screening your view of whatever offends your eyes. Some of the best screen trees are Green Giant Arborvitae, Yoshino Cryptomeria or the newer Murray Cypress, which is an improvement on the pest infested Leyland Cypress (which I don’t recommend by the way).

Shade – Shade trees are very popular. It is important to remember NOT to plant fast growing shade trees as you will pay later for your instant gratification. Most fast-growing deciduous trees tend to break in the wind easily and will eventually topple over. Great, strong shade trees include the Autumn Blaze Red Maple, The Tulip Poplar, and the Japanese Pagoda tree.

A Splash of Purple – Purple-leaved trees are a sight to see and are always a conversation piece. Plant the Thundercloud Plum, Purple Lace Elderberry, Smoke Tree, Crimson King Maple or the Forest Pansy Redbud. Just beware, Japanese beetles LOVE purple leaves so keep some Bonide Japanese Beetle Killer on hand.

Japanese Inspired – Many people find Japanese gardens to be peaceful. To add a bit of peace in your yard, plant a Japanese Maple, Hinoki Cypress or Stewartia. These plants all have interesting features that are sure to have you contemplating the beauty of our wonderful planet.

Fruits – Fruit trees are always fun to have in the landscape, especially when you are hungry for a snack while doing yard chores. Some easy and interesting fruit trees to grow include Persimmon, the Asian Jujube and the American native, Paw Paw.

Floral – If you enjoy flowers in your landscape, trees can bring it season after season. To enjoy flowers throughout the warm seasons, plant a Redbud for Spring blossoms, Crape Myrtle for Summer and the Autumn blooming Higan Cherry for a burst of blooms in the cooler months of fall.

Scents – Sweet smelling trees add more depth to your landscape by involving another of your senses. Nothing smells quite as nice as Lilac, Sweet Orange or The giant and beautiful Southern Magnolia. Plant one of these in your yard and breathe in the saccharine scents.

When planting trees, it is best to get a soil test done to find out what you might need to help it grow healthy and strong. Our soil tests are quick and thorough and can get you on the right track fast. If you don’t want to have a soil test done, make sure to add some organic matter, like our Black Gold Mushroom Compost, to feed the newly transplanted tree. A TreeGator water bag is also a good idea so your new investment will have enough water when it needs it.

Trees are a great enhancement to your life and landscape. Not only do they provide oxygen for us to breathe, but they fulfill the different aesthetic and culinary needs we all have as well. Go forth and plant trees this Autumn season!