Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and many of us have gardeners on our gift giving list. Whether they are a veggie gardener, lawn lover or someone that enjoys yard work in general, there are plenty of gifts that can put a smile on their face. Let this holiday gift guide help you in finding the perfect gift for the gardener on your list.

For the Veggie Gardener

Veggie gardeners are a special breed. We will be happy with just about anything given to us but a good, organic option for controlling pests and diseases will make us just as happy as tools. Here are some suggestions for the vegetable grower on your list.

Water Wand – This super sprayer is great for the vegetable garden. The water control switch keeps water from blasting plants and gives a gentle rain-like shower to plants. This is what they use in the greenhouses, folks.

Organic Deer Repellent

Diatomaceous Earth

For the Lawn Lovers

A lush lawn is sought by many a homeowner. Here are some great gift ideas to make your lawn lover happy.

Spreaders – Whether they are a bag spreader or one that rolls on the ground, every lawn lover will use this religiously. Add in a bag of lawn fertilizer and you’ve got a great gift that is sure to be used.

Mixer Sprayer – Every person that likes caring for their lawn will want to apply a liquid treatment from time to time. This mixer attaches to the water hose for an easy way to safely apply liquid fertilizers, fungicides, and even pest control.

Sprinkler – a good sprinkler is essential for germination of new grass seed and also for most fertilizers. Check out this sprinkler that has a huge 85ft spray pattern.

For the Yard Workers/Landscapers

Tools are always appreciated by the landscape gardeners. Most of their work includes pruning, weeding and caring for garden beds. Here are some gift suggestions that will make them give two green thumbs up.

Gloves – Every gardener loves a new pair of gloves and these are hard workers not to mention beautiful as well. With a leather palm, gripping yard tools like rakes and shovels is a breeze and your hands come out unscathed.

The Tree Gator – Landscape nuts love planting new trees. These bags help establish young trees by regulating the water through drip irrigation.

Create a Gift Basket

One of our favorite things to do for gifts is to make a gift basket full of things that the giftee will love. For example; Fill a basket full of work gloves, pruners, a small bag of Plant Tone and some seed packets for a well-rounded gift idea.If you are in a pinch, a gift certificate will always be appreciated and are available at our stores.

Gardeners are practical and love a gift that can be put to good use. Think of gifting one (or more) of these for the plant lover in your life and they will be ever grateful to you.